The history of an everyday object: the bag

There is one item in our everyday lives that we can hardly do without: the bag. The bag is a practical accessory that has been with us for hundreds of years and has evolved over the years to adapt to more and more materials. However, its purpose has remained the same: to hold other objects.


What is a bag? 

A bag is a hollow, thin-walled, deformable object that is suitable for holding other objects. It usually has a sealable opening through which it can be filled and emptied. They can be made from different materials and are produced in different sizes and shapes to suit different purposes.

What types of bags are there? 

Each bag has its own dedicated use. Here are some examples: 

  • Shopping bag: a bag made of fabric or paper used to carry groceries.  

  • Bag: A lightweight bag made of (possibly biodegradable) plastic, intended for different types of contents - food or other. 

  • School bag: A cardboard or cloth bag given to children when they start school.  

  • Purse: A bag made of leather or fabric used to store money and other valuables.  

  • Backpack: A bag with shoulder straps that is worn over the shoulder to carry items.  

Since when have bags been used? 

Bags have been used for many centuries to transport or store items. However, the exact history of their origin is not clearly documented. However, there is evidence that bags were already being used in the Stone Age. In more recent times, bagmaker is a profession as a craftsman who made some kind of leather goods or bags from canvas or precious fabrics. Over time, pouches have evolved and are now available in different shapes, sizes and materials.

Materials used for bags  

There are various materials that are used for the production of bags. Some of the most common materials are plastics such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and nylon. These plastics are lightweight, durable and water-repellent. There are also more environmentally friendly options such as paper, cotton, jute or linen, which are biodegradable and have less impact on the environment. Which material is used for a bag often depends on its intended use and individual preferences.

Which bags can you find in our online store? 

At BFT Verpackungen you will find practical bags, films and pouches that keep your products fresh and hygienic. Here is an overview of our most important bags:

  1. Ziplock bags

The zipper bag, also known as a ziplock bag, has been an everyday item for many years. They come in many variations, but always with the same basic principle: the opening in the form of a zipper that seals the contents airtight. 

You can currently find the following bags on our site:

  1. Flat pouch

Flat bags are bags that are open on one side, i.e. without a seal. With this type of packaging, stores can store smaller quantities of goods, for example. More about flat pouch packaging here.

  • LDPE Flat bags

  • PP Flat bag with side seam 40my

  • OPP Flat bag with seal seam

  1. Lace cone

The lace cone, also known colloquially as the French fry cone, is a packaging associated with the dish of the same name. With their retro look, they have survived the decades and are still associated by consumers with a tasty snack break. Here are our top bags:

  • French fries Pouch

  • French fries Pouch "Snack"

  • PP Highly Transparent Cornet Pouch

  1. Block bottom bags 

The block bottom bags have a flat bottom in the shape of a hexagon so that they can stand upright. They can be closed by sealing at the top. This enables airtight packaging and perfect presentation:

  • "Natural black" Block bottom bags with window

  • Bleached Kraft Block bottom bag with window

  • Bleached Kraft Paper Block Bottom Bag

  • 4-Ply Block bottom bag OPP/Kraft80/PET/CPP

  • OPP Heat Sealed Block Bottom Bag

  1. Vacuum bags 

A highlight in every kitchen and for many foods: the vacuum bag. As it saves a lot of space and stores food better, this bag has become popular with manufacturers and consumers.

  • PA/PE Vacuum Bags 90my

  • PA/PE Cooking Bags 90my

  1. Carrier bags 

Paper bags are an environmentally friendly and popular model among consumers for customizable bags. With the option of perfectly coordinating your corporate communication with this material, paper carrier bags offer clear advantages over plastic packaging.

  • Paper carrier bag with custom print 

  • Paper carrier bag with paper cord 

  • Paper carrier bag with flat handle

Our range also includes a whole series of accessories and other bags. Take a look at the Bags, foils & pouches section.

BFT Verpackungen GmbH - Your expert for film bags and bags of all kinds

You can order your suitable packaging solution at any time from our well-stocked online store, as the items listed are our standard products and can be delivered to you immediately.  

Of course, we are happy to accept your requests for custom-made products. In addition to individual special sizes, we also offer customized printing services, the application of stamp fields and euro-punched or round-punched versions. We look forward to receiving your specific inquiries!

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