Vacuum bags for food: freshness and hygiene for everyday life

Another highlight in every kitchen and for many foods: the vacuum seal bag. As it saves a lot of space and stores food better, this bag has become popular with manufacturers and consumers. Here you can find out what you need to know about vacuum bags for food.

Vacuum bags for food

What are vacuum bags? 

Vacuum bags are special bags that have been developed to pack food or other items airtight. They consist of a robust plastic film that makes it possible to remove the air from the bag and thus create a vacuum.  

Vacuum packaging keeps the packaged items fresh for longer as contact with oxygen is reduced. Vacuum bags are often used in the food industry, but also in the household to store or transport food.

Why use vacuum bags for food?

Vacuum bags are used for food for various reasons. Vacuuming removes the air from the bag, which minimizes contact with oxygen.

This has several advantages: 

1. Extension of shelf life

Vacuum-sealing food helps to extend its shelf life as the oxygen content is reduced. This slows down the growth of bacteria and mold, which keeps food fresher for longer.

 2. Protection against freezer burn

When freezing food, freezer burn can occur if it comes into contact with air. Vacuum-sealing prevents this as the air is removed from the bag, thus preserving the quality of the frozen food.

3. Space saving

By removing the air from the bags, food can be stored more compactly. This saves space in the fridge or freezer and enables more efficient use of the available space.

 4. Taste and texture

Vacuum-sealing food can help to better preserve flavor and texture. The reduced contact with oxygen preserves flavors and consistency for longer.

Can all foods be vacuum-sealed?

However, it is important to note that not all foods are suitable for vacuum sealing. Some foods, such as fresh bread or carbonated drinks, can be affected by vacuum sealing. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer's instructions and select suitable food for vacuum sealing. 

How do you connect vacuum bags?

To connect vacuum bags, you normally need a vacuum machine. These machines are specially designed to remove the air from the bags and seal them airtight. Simply place the product to be packaged in the bag, place the open part of the bag in the machine and start the vacuuming process.  

The machine then draws the air out of the bag and seals it automatically. It is important to follow the vacuum machine manufacturer's instructions to achieve optimum results. You can of course find all vacuum machines and film sealers directly in our store.

Vakuumbeutel - BFT Verpackungen

Which vacuum bags for food can you find at BFT Verpackungen?

Our high-quality vacuum bags are ideal for the optimal packaging and storage of perishable food. The filled sealed bags can be vacuum-packed with all standard vacuum sealers and thus ensure hygienic food storage. 

We currently offer two types of vacuum bags for food:

Vacuum bags are produced with a three-sided sealed edge, impermeable to air and moisture. All bags can be easily sealed using a vacuum machine or film sealer.

  • Color: transparent  
  • Film thickness: 90µ  
  • Material: PA/PE 20/70

Cooking bags are ideal for preserving food for the long term and are practical for pre-cooking food and cooking the sealed food directly in a bain-marie. Cooking bags are made of heat-resistant film and are suitable for cooking food with minimal effort. Top chefs swear by sous-vide cooking.

  • Color: transparent  
  • Film thickness: 90µ  
  • Material: PA/PE 20/70

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