Adhesive seal bags and flap bags: the right bag for every product

Flap bags, also known as textile bags, are used as outer packaging for textiles, catalogs, magazines or when packing textiles. When it comes to quick packaging solutions, this is the right choice. Thanks to the reversible adhesive closure, the bags can be opened and closed as often as required and the product can be packaged easily.

Adhäsionsverschlussbeutel - BFT Verpackungen

What are adhesion seal bags and flap bags?

Bags with self-adhesive seals are a good alternative to sealing with plastic film. Your products are packaged simply, quickly and securely without the need for special equipment, sealing devices or the like. 

Basically, bags with an adhesive seal are designed with side seams. At the top of the bag is a "flap" to which a covered adhesive strip is attached lengthwise. 

Here is a brief explanation of both:

Adhesive seal bag

These bags have a special closure mechanism based on adhesion, which means that they can be closed and opened by pressure or friction. They are usually made of transparent plastic and are often used for packaging small items such as jewelry, electronic parts or cosmetics. Adhesive seal bags offer a quick and easy way to securely package and seal items without the need for additional tools or sealing devices.

Flap bag

These are bags with a flap closure construction at the top. These flaps can be securely closed either by pressure or by some other form of closure mechanism. Flap bags are versatile and are often used for packaging food, clothing, office supplies and other products. They offer a simple and effective way to package and protect items.

How do I choose between a flap bag and a shipping bag?

For the products listed below, the main differences between our flap bags and shipping bags made of Coex: 

- whether the bags are transparent or not 

- the available sizes 

You can find more information in our article: "Shipping bags for effective and fast shipping".

Which adhesive seal bags can you find at BFT Verpackungen?

You can currently find these three types of flap bags in our online shop.

LDPE flap bag transparent

  • LDPE flap bag  

  • Width (mm): 165, 225, 240, 250, 300, 400 

  • Length (mm): 350, 500, 600, 220, 400, 320, 310 

  • Film thickness: 50µ  

  • Reclosable

  • Colour: transparent


LDPE flap bag with warning text

  • LDPE flap bags or return shipping bags  

  • Print: 1-sided 1-colour, German, English, French, Italian 

  • Width (mm): 190, 200, 300, 400 

  • Length (mm): 300, 500, 230, 400 

  • Film thickness: 40µ  

  • Permanent closure

  • Colour: transparent

LDPE Klappenbeutel - mit Warnhinweistext

PP flap bag transparent

  • PP flap bag with bevelled flap 

  • Width (mm): 175, 225, 300, 400 

  • Length (mm): 600, 220, 400, 310 

  • Film thickness: 40µ  

  • Reclosable

  • Colour: transparent  

PP Klappenbeutel - transparent 40µ

Do you need large quantities of flap bags? Thanks to our logistics and storage centres, we can ship large quantities within a few working days. Contact us or take a look at our flap bags with adhesive closure here.

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Thanks to the reversible adhesive closure, adhesive seal bags can be opened and closed as often as required and the product can be packaged easily. 

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