Shipping bags for effective and fast shipping

You run an online shop and regularly send parcels to your customers. While cardboard packaging is very often still the standard, there is also a practical and cost-effective solution for your small shipments: shipping bags. Here you can find out why they can be beneficial for your business.

Shipping bags - BFT Verpackungen

What are envelopes and courier envelopes?

This is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging solution for shipping small, non-fragile items. 

These envelopes are made of LDPE plastic film, which ensures that the package is protected from damage and bad weather conditions during transport. 

The plastic mailing bags are made from the highest quality recycled material and are fully recyclable after use. The opaque plastic film ensures that the privacy of the contents is maintained and the permanent adhesive closure makes it impossible to open the package without damaging the packaging.

What are their areas of application and advantages?

The mailing bags are ideal for sending T-shirts, jackets, socks, blankets, shoes, towels as well as brochures, securities or documents.  

The storage of the same amount of shipping bags and boxes is reduced to a minimum, which facilitates logistics and shortens the preparation time for your parcels.

Coex, what kind of material is this?

A coex film (coextruded film) is a versatile plastic film that attempts to combine several properties of different film materials, for example barrier or welding properties. It is a composite film made of several layers.... For example, a waterproof film can be combined with an opaque film to make a security bag. One advantage is the extreme tear resistance of the film. It can practically only be opened or torn open by destruction, which makes any manipulation of the packaged goods immediately visible.

Why should you use Coexbag® shipping bags as shipping bags?

These bags are ideal for shipping textiles, clothing, books or magazines. They are made of super strong Coex LDPE. These white bags are black inside and therefore completely opaque.  

Coex shipping bags are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging solution for shipping clothes or shoes. The envelopes are made of LDPE plastic film, which ensures that the packages are protected from damage and bad weather conditions during transport.

LDPE Coexbag® Versandtaschen außen: weiß /innen schwarz

Which shipping bags can you find at BFT Verpackungen?

On our webshop you will find shipping bags made of Coex film, flap bags made of LDPE (transparent or with warning label) and PP, as well as delivery note bags. 

Our stock is regularly renewed and we are able to supply you with many sizes in large quantities. Send us an e-mail for a quick and individual offer.

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