Coffee pouches

Aromatic protection packaging for effective aroma protection of sensitive products

Our aroma protection packaging is a reliable partner when it comes to preserving the flavor and freshness of high-quality goods. Due to the offer of various versions of the packaging, no wishes remain open for the protection of aromas.

Quality and use of the aroma protection packaging

The selection of the materials of our aroma protection packaging is diverse and adapts to every requirement. From aluminum, CPP (cast polypropylene), to PET (polyethylene terephthalate), everything is realizable. The edges of the pouches are securely sealed and provide complete protection against aromas.
You also have the freedom to choose the shapes and functions. Whether as a stand-up pouch, block bottom bag, with pressure seal, sight window or aroma protection valve: our aroma protection bags ensure perfect aroma protection. The sizes and colors can also be chosen variably - and if you can not find your desired design in our assortment, we will make it for you.
It goes without saying that the bags can be labeled on both sides or you decide for an individual imprint, which we gladly make for you.
So you get a protective and appropriate packaging for your fragrant coffee, tea or other sensitive food, which guarantees you and your customers lasting freshness.

Aromatic bags and their advantages

The preservation of flavor by our aroma protection bags ensures the quality assurance of goods. This increases the enjoyment and, of course, also the customer loyalty. Other advantages include:

-Food-safe materials
-Freely selectable design and variety
-Possibility of vacuuming
-Stable and tear-proof aroma protection packaging

In our online shop, you will receive aroma protection bags that meet your needs and requirements. If you have any questions, we are there for you. Contact us with your request! E-mail

Versatile aroma protection: our coffee packaging for maximum enjoyment

For many people, coffee is far more than just a pick-me-up - it is a daily ritual, a moment of pleasure. To preserve this experience in all its fullness, specialized packaging solutions are required. Our selection of aroma protection packaging goes far beyond doypacks and also offers optimal solutions for flat-bottom bags.

A wide range of coffee bags

Our range of aroma protection packaging for coffee extends from Doypacks to flat stand-up pouches and variants with pressure seals. We offer both laminate and mono-material options to cover a wide range of needs.

Special features for special aroma protection

An outstanding feature of our coffee packaging is the integrated aroma protection valve. This valve prevents the bags from bursting due to the outgassing of the coffee beans and thus ensures the quality and freshness of the coffee.

Individualized packaging for your brand

In addition to functionality, we also offer extensive design options for your coffee packaging. Whether it's roto engraving, flexographic printing or high-resolution printing techniques, our personalized options ensure that your brand image is shown in the best possible light.

Sustainability in focus

In times of increasing environmental awareness, our packaging solutions are also designed to be sustainable and recyclable. Our monomaterial bags are an example of how quality and environmental awareness can go hand in hand.

Trust in our expertise

With years of experience in the packaging sector, we are the partner at your side when it comes to optimal coffee packaging. Contact us to learn more about our customized, high quality and sustainable packaging solutions.

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