Ziplock Bags

Standard plain ziplock bag
Standard plain ziplock bag

Standard Ziplock Bags for Freshness and Sustainability...

Ziplock bag with stamp field
Ziplock bag with stamp field

Ziplock bag with Stamp Field for Simple Labeling...

Ziplock bag with Eurohole
Ziplock bag with Eurohole

Ziplock Bag with Eurohole for Space-saving Product...

Ziplock bags with round hole
Ziplock bags with round hole

Ziplock Bag with Round Hole for Handy Storage Here you...

Ziplock bag with stamp field and kangaroo pocket
Ziplock bag with stamp field and kangaroo pocket

Dental lab bag with kangaroo pocket for organized order picking...

Ziplock bag with zip closure - recycled material
Ziplock bag with zip closure - recycled material

Ziplock bag with zip closure - recycled material offers ziplock sealing bags with various types of pressure sealing bags.

Our ziplock bags enjoy great popularity when it comes to packaging various products with sustainable sealing technology. The pressure lock can be closed by simply applying slight pressure and sliding the opening closed, and just as easily reopened. That's why they are so perfectly suited for piecemeal foods.

Characteristics and use of Ziplock bags

We have a wide range and various types of ziplock bags. The reclosable bag is available in LDPE (low density polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and CPP (cast polypropylene). You have a choice between transparent or opaque. Whether you choose a blocked bag for easy tearing, punched, perforated or needled tear-off, these sustainable foil bags offer protective packaging. We also offer coloured bags, bags with Eurohole, or a practical stamp/labeling box imprint. We can even add additional seals to your ziplock bag to secure the bag contents even more perfectly. Foil tinting starts at 200kg of basic material. The possibility of imprints in flexo-printing (up to 12 colours!) make your ziplock bags promotionally effective and strengthen your competitive visibility.

Ziplock Bags and Their Advantages

Ziplock bags are among the all-rounders when it comes to sealable and resealable product packaging. But the pouches have even more advantages:

- Time saving, quick-close seal

- Protection of your products with its stable foil

- Environmentally friendly, thanks to its permanent reusability

- Space-saving flexible packaging

The Ziplocks Bags in our Shop offer great versatility. Your customizable requests are also in good hands with us. Contact us with any requests!

Pressure seal bags: The sustainable choice for secure and versatile packaging

Day after day, packaging is an essential part of our lives. And when it comes to safe, convenient, and reusable packaging options, pressure seal bags, or zipper bags, are the way to go. These little all-rounders are not only user-friendly, but also sustainable. With a simple squeeze, they seal securely and can be opened just as easily – ideal for taking products out one piece at a time.

Our wide range of ziplock Bags

We offer an extensive selection of ziplock bags to meet your specific needs. Whether made of LDPE, PP or CPP, transparent or opaque - we have what you are looking for. Specialized designs, such as blocked pouches for easy tear-off, perforated, perforated or needle punched versions, are also available.

Individual adjustments and special requests

You need a special design or want to have your pressure seal bags printed individually? No problem! Starting from a quantity of 200 kg of base material, we can ink the film according to your wishes. In addition, we offer flexo printing with up to 12 colors to make your packaging not only safe, but also visually appealing.

Sustainability and safety - The advantages of our pressure seal bags

At a time when sustainability is becoming increasingly important, our ziplock bags offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable packaging. The high-quality materials and resealability of these bags protect not only the contents, but also the environment. Also, the option of additional seals provides an extra level of security when transporting your products. With our wide range of pressure seal bags, you are investing in a durable, safe and sustainable packaging solution.

More than just packaging - a marketing tool

Your brand image can benefit significantly from presenting your products in high-quality, customized zip pouches. The option of personalized imprinting makes these bags an effective marketing tool that strengthens your brand presence.

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