Vacuum Seal Bags

Vacuum Sealer Bags for fresh and hygienic foodstuffs

Our high quality Vacuum Sealer Bags are ideal for optimal packaging and storing of fresh food. Vacuum sealing the filled sachets can be done with all major vacuuming machine brands and guarantees hygienic food storage.

Characteristics and use of Vacuum Sealer Bags

As material for our bags we use quality composite film made of PA (polyamide) and PE (polyethylene). They are designed with the right thickness to guarantee extreme durability and a high mechanical load limit. In this way the vacuum pull rate is lowered and the shelf life is extended. These qualities also extend to storage and transport.

Your storage of fish, meat, sausage, cheese and other perishable food is in good hands with us, for we offer Vacuum Sealed Bags in various sizes. We have the right bag for every application, and they can be imprinted upon request. We even make custom-sized bags for you. The material also makes for an excellent printing surface, always useful for labelling. That way you can avoid long product searches and save time in your everyday business Proceedings.

Vacuum Sealing and its Advantages

All Vacuum Seal Bags in our range are sealed on three sides and ensure a successful outcome when vacuuming. The use of vacuum sealing in food storage is not only the optimal method, it also has many other distinguishing advantages:

- Preservation of freshness and appearance

- Ensures hygiene

- Shelf life extension

- Appetizing presentation of the goods

In our online Shop you will find Vacuum seal bags in different formats. Contact us with any questions and requests for different sizes. We are glad to be here for you!

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