Cornet Pouch

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Cornet-shaped Pouches for appetizing hygiene and freshness

Our Cornet Pouches are beloved classics with a retro-look which, back then as much as now, account for a considerable amount of the packaging in the food industry.These retro-packages ensure that you and your customer always have fresh content and have, like always, a very handy shape.

Characteristics and Uses of Cornet Pouches

For our standard cornet pouches we use enviromentally friendly, highly transparent polypropylene (PP). Of course you can also get the retro packaging upon request in LDPE (low density polyethylene) and in the opaque version. Whether you use these handy pouches for delicious desserts like cotton candy, sugared almonds and gummy bears, or other product types like tea, powders, spices, herbs or pastries; our cornet pouches will always have a clean and appetizing package which ensures both hygiene and freshness.

For the particular individuality of your cornet pouches, we also offer imprinting in flexo printing (up to 12 colours!) with your desired logo or motif. Foil-tinting is also available from 150kg base material on up. With all these options available, you can be sure to get a sales-boosting package for your candies and other Goodies.

Cornet Pouch Advantages and Benefits

Thanks to its appetizing appearance, the cornet pouch is sure to catch the customer's eye. The catchy retro-packaging also allows for easy access to the goods.

Other advantages include:

- Preventing product dessication for lasting freshness

- Protection against moisture and grime for perfect food hygiene

- Clean, easy consumption of the content

- Tasty, attractive sales presence, imprinted or transparent foil pouch

In our online Shop you will find cornet pouches in all colours, even with a handy tear-off if you so wish. We are available for all questions and requests, please contact us with your wishes!

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