French fries yes, but in a French fry cone please!

The chip cone, also known colloquially as the French fry cone, is a packaging associated with the dish of the same name. With their retro look, they have survived the decades and are still associated by consumers with a tasty snack break. More than just fashionable packaging, they also have great benefits for selling hot food to go. For this reason, we are dedicating a separate article to the cornet pouch.

French Fries cone

What material is used to make the cones? 

Plastic and cardboard are often used, as well as parchment substitute paper. What is this third material? Sandwich paper or parchment substitute is a wood-free, greaseproof paper that is used for packaging food. It does not have a non-stick surface, so should not be used for baking. 

Be careful not to confuse it with parchment, which is an animal skin specially prepared to serve as a writing surface. But who wants to eat their chips on an animal skin? :)

Can you also use the piping bags for dishes other than chips? 

Yes, of course! The parchment paper bags are perfect for all greasy ingredients such as churros, popcorn, hot chestnuts or other sweets. Plastic bags are more commonly used for packaging "cold" foods such as confectionery or baked goods. 

There are also numerous other types of food packaging. Discover them in our article: Which packaging to choose for food?

What are the advantages of this type of packaging? 

The original design of the snack bag will showcase all your sweet and savory delicacies. Its particularity lies in its ability to repel grease. It offers increased protection for food, especially during transportation, and thus prolongs its freshness. 

These are the most important features: 

- By preventing grease from penetrating the bag, the chip cone helps to preserve the quality of the food by preventing it from becoming too soft or oily. 

- The cone has been designed to be moisture and grease resistant. 

- It keeps the outside of the bag clean, which is particularly important for takeaway food. 

- As the chip cone is generally stronger and more resistant than conventional paper bags, it is suitable for transporting hot and heavy food without the risk of tearing. 

- Finally, because it provides an excellent customer experience, this type of packaging can increase your customers' satisfaction and, subsequently, their loyalty to your company.

Which design to choose for your French fries cones? 

On our website you can choose between three different cone designs: 

Made of parchment substitute paper and suitable for 100g contents. The classic bag at a low price. 

French fries cone white

Also made of parchment paper and suitable for 150g contents. Thanks to the special snacking motif, this retro packaging guarantees you and your customers fresh contents at all times and is extremely handy. 

Cone for snacking

The polypropylene cones are ideal for quickly and easily filling food such as confectionery, pasta or savory items at the fair, funfair or Christmas market. All pointed bags can be easily sealed using a knot after filling, various closures or film sealers. 

Transparent Cornet Pouch

Do you need printing?  

Offer your customers packaging with a unique design and make sure you impress them with a professional and neat presentation that makes your products stand out. With packaging that looks as good as the taste of your food, you'll make sure your customers have an unforgettable experience and keep them coming back for more. 


The chip cone  is important to ensure takeaway food stays fresh, clean and appetizing, while providing a high quality packaging solution for your business. To find out our terms and conditions, please contact us.

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