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We recently covered the topic of ziplock bags in our blog. But not all plastic bags have a zip closure. Flat bags are bags that are open on one side, i.e. without a closure. And depending on your products, this type of packaging can prove beneficial for your business. This will be explained in more detail below.

Flat Bags packaging - BFT Verpackungen GmbH

What are the properties of flat bags? 

The advantages of flat bags include:

- Easy filling of the bags 

- Space-saving storage thanks to the flat shape 

- Protection of your items from dirt, moisture and corrosion  

- Strong sales presence thanks to transparent film

What applications are they suitable for? 

Stores can use this type of packaging to store smaller quantities of goods, for example. This can be particularly practical if they do not have enough space on their display and appreciate minimalist product packaging that protects the goods while taking up as little space as possible. After all, the less space required for packaging, the larger and more varied the product range can be in stationary retail.  

If you sell food, we recommend our article on this topic: Which packaging to choose for food?

Why should you use a flat bag instead of a ziplock bag? 

If you offer a product that needs to be sold sealed (as is often the case with food), then the flat pouch is the right packaging. 

However, if you need packaging that can be opened and closed at will, you should turn to the ziplock bag.

Which flat bags are available from BFT Verpackungen? 

You will find 3 different types of flat bags in our online store: 

 We offer high-quality flat bags in LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), which are available in a transparent version. Depending on your requirements, you will find LDPE flat bags in 25my, 50my and 100my.

LDPE flat bags 25my transparent

This is a flat bag that has an opening without special closures and is sealed on three sides. These bags are versatile and can be easily sealed with a film sealing machine (see below).

  PP flat bag with side seam 40µ

These OPP flat bags have a high transparency and are particularly suitable for chopped foodstuffs such as spices and powders. A versatile bag that can be used for various purposes and can be easily sealed with our film sealing machine. 

For your information: OPP stands for oriented polypropylene and is made from polypropylene (PP).

OPP flat bags with sealed seam

How do you seal flat bags? 

You need a film sealer for this. With this accessory, you can seal a flat bag perfectly in just a few seconds. It is very easy to use and allows you to quickly ensure perfect packaging.  

How does it work? The membrane is sealed by impulse, for example by pressing on the sealing arm. Handling is simple: you position the material on the lower spacer bar and press the lever arm down. 

Depending on the width of your packaging and for small productions that are packed manually, we recommend these three devices:

Depending on your requirements, you can find all our impulse sealers here and our entire range of packaging machines here.

BFT Verpackungen, your partner for packaging solutions  

For almost 10 years, we have been putting our expertise and know-how at the service of businesses, authorities and public institutions. Day after day, we improve our product range and ensure the satisfaction of our customers. This is why we have become an important player in the packaging industry in Germany and Europe. 

Are you unsure whether a flat pouch is the right choice for your product or do you need special packaging? Then contact us and we will be happy to advise you on this topic.

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