Pulse sealers

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Here you will find handy small devices that find their use in manual productions of small runs. With beam sealers, sealing tongs or the clever wall-mounted device, you have the choice of how you prefer to work. Create weld seams from 200 to 630 mm on flat bags or tubular film made of PE, PP and thin composite material - and your goods are well packaged!

Impulse welders

The classic among the manual film welders, the beam welder, we offer in the welding seam lengths 200, 300 and 400 mm, with or without cutting device.

Super Poly Sealers

The 4.5 m long power cable of these welding guns allows you to be agile at your workplace and weld at every turn. With such high mobility, the guns still produce a solid welding result, as both welding arms are equipped with welding bands.

Eco Sealers

Economy Welding - Energy-efficient sealing of 200, 300 and 400 mm long welds, with or without cutting device.

Sealkid, Sealboy and Sealboy Magneta

Each device of these three series is equipped with timer and cutter. Complemented with a storage table and film dispenser, you get a neat packing station at low cost. The highlight of the Sealboy Magneta line: a magnet keeps the pressure arm closed during the sealing process and automatically opens it at the end.


The packing table in your small business is overflowing? Mount this smart device on the wall at your workplace and easily create more space and order at your desk. Email

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