Flat Bags

LDPE Flat bags
LDPE Flat bags

Flat bags from LDPE We offer high-quality flat bags in LDPE...

Flat Bags for Safe, Universal Packaging

The diversity of our flat bags make it a universal assistant for reliable packaging. We hold an almost infinite variety of these practical polybag options for you. Which one is right for you is entirely up to your personalized wishes.

Characteristics and Uses of Flat Bags

You even have a free choice of material used in our flat bags. We offer high-quality flat bags in LDPE (low density polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) or CPP (cast polypropylene) ? all of which can be manufactured in transparent or opaque versions.

Through our wide range we can offer the foil bags upon request in blocked, perforated or needled variants. We are happy to add additional welds onto your flat bags. Whether you need gusseted bags, block bottom bags, cross bottom bags or block bottom bags, we have everything ready for you within our range. To make your packaging more personalized, our flexo printing (up to 12 colours) provides an excellent solution. Foil colouring is available starting at 200 kg base material.

Besides being available in numerous versions, flat bags are also very customer friendly.

The different versions also have their own strengths. The opaque variant gives your goods or documents absolute discretion, whereas the transparent bag allows for an unobstructed view of the protected content. This way you can package your goods in whatever way your business requires.

Flat Bags and Their Advantages

Depending on your selection of a flat bag, you also have the option of a stamp field. That way during commissioning products can be easily labeled with, for example, the expiration date.

Other benefits of these polybags are:

- Protection of your products against dirt, moisture and corrosion

- Easy filling

- Flat shaped, space saving storage

- Strong sales presence with its transparent foil

In our online store you can find the right flat bag for every need, which we can also produce with a perforated tear-off strip on request.

Please contact us with any questions!

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