Dental lab bag for dental laboratories

As the name suggests, the dental bag is designed for a specific purpose and a specific profession: the dentist. But what exactly are dental bags, also known as kangaroo bags?

What are Dental Bags?

It is a plastic bag with a zipper with a pressure closure and a pocket on the back (hence the name kangaroo pocket). 

In the patch pocket on the outside can be inserted a document that is transmitted with the bag, which in turn contains the dental impressions of the patient. 

The dental bags with kangaroo pouch are therefore primarily intended for dental laboratories and dental practices.

What is special about dental bags?

The hygienic dental bags have an additional document pocket on the back, which has proven itself in laboratory practice for many years. The standard material of these bags is LDPE.  

In summary, these pouches perfectly meet the following criteria:  

  • Direct sampling to avoid mixing of parts  
  • Protection of paper documents from humidity 
  • Time saving and organization

Our dental bags

With our company, you can find different models of tooth bags, either transparent or with a beautiful tooth motif. It is also possible to print an individual design.

Currently we offer these three items: 

 We can also print a motif of your choice, such as the logo of your dental practice. Contact us about this through our "custom bags" page.

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