Adhesive tape with logo for effective transport protection

Adhesive tape is very often an indispensable accessory for cardboard box shipments. It is used to seal a package during transportation. But can adhesive tape with a logo or a specific design also be used to maximize a company's communication? This will be explained in more detail in this article.

Adhesive tape with Logo - BFT Verpackungen

Types of adhesive tapes for shipping

There are different types of adhesive tapes for shipping, which can be selected depending on your needs and intended use. Some common types of adhesive tapes for shipping are:

  1. Cardboard tape: This is the most commonly used adhesive tape for shipping. It is usually made of polypropylene or PVC and provides strong adhesion to cardboard packaging.

  1. Warning tape: Warning tapes are often available in eye-catching colors such as red or yellow and often carry warnings such as "Caution fragile" or "Do not stack". They are used to draw attention to special precautions when handling the package.

  1. Paper tape: It provides a secure and durable seal for cardboard boxes and is particularly suitable for heavy or irregularly shaped packaging.

  1. Fabric tape: Fabric tape, also known as armored tape or gaffa tape, is an extremely robust adhesive tape with a reinforced fabric structure. It is well suited for heavy loads and demanding applications.

  1. Printed adhesive tape: Printed adhesive tape can be printed with the company's logo or other messages and serves both as a means of closure and as an advertising medium.

Why should you have your logo printed on adhesive tape?

Printing the logo on adhesive tape offers several advantages. Firstly, it serves as an effective marketing strategy as the printed tape with the company's or brand's logo is visible when shipping or storing products. This strengthens the brand presence and helps the company stand out from the competition. 

Secondly, a printed logo on the tape gives the products a professional and customized look, which improves the company's image and builds trust with customers and business partners. 

Thirdly, the printed tape can also help to increase the security of the products as it becomes easier to detect unauthorized opening or tampering. 

Overall, printing the logo on adhesive tape offers a cost-effective way to strengthen brand presence, improve corporate image and increase product security. 

If you read our blog, you already know that we see undeniable benefits in printing on shipping materials (see our article: Personalized Paper Carrier Bags for Your Business).

 Personalisierte Papiertragetaschen

Choosing the right adhesive tape with logo for your company

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right adhesive tape with logo for your company: 

  1. Purpose: Consider how the printed tape will be used. Will it be used for shipping packages, storing products or other purposes? Depending on the intended use, different types of tape may be required, e.g. cardboard tape, warning tape or special tapes for heavy loads. 

  1. Material and quality: Pay attention to the quality of the adhesive tape and choose a material that meets the requirements of your application. A high-quality adhesive tape ensures safe and reliable packaging of your products. 

  1. Printing options: What type of logo or message do you want to print on the tape?  

  1. Environmental friendliness: If sustainability is an important concern for your business, look for environmentally friendly options, such as recyclable or biodegradable tapes. 

  1. Cost: Make sure that the price-performance ratio meets your expectations. 

Now you can choose the right adhesive tape with logo for your business that is both functional and promotional.

Which adhesive tapes are available in our online store?

Here is a list of the adhesive tapes currently available from BFT Verpackungen. The cliché costs are €34.90 per printing color. This includes the creation of a digital print template. 

For each product, you can select the number of printing colors you require. If you have any questions about the printing options and prices, please contact us for more information and a personalized quote.

Paper adhesive tape is the ideal solution for anyone who likes it simple and environmentally friendly.  The adhesive tapes are very durable, have good adhesive strength and are ideal for sealing cardboard boxes:

  • Material: Kraft paper 60g 

  • Color: brown or white  

  • Print: up to 5 colors 

  • Size: 50mm x 50lfm

PP adhesive tapes with their own print are used in most warehouses. This is due to the moderate costs, durability, high adhesive strength and versatile processing options:

  • Material: PP 

  • Color: transparent, white or brown 

  • Print: up to 6 colors  

  • Size: 50mm x 66lfm  

  • Film thickness: 28µ  

  • Adhesive: hot melt or acrylate 

  • Option: loud or quiet unrolling

PP Klebeband bedruckt

PVC adhesive tapes are used for particularly heavy packages. They are characterized by high adhesive strength and versatile processing options:

  • Material: PVC 

  • Color: transparent 

  • Size: 50mm x 66lfm  

  • Film thickness: 33µ  

  • Adhesive: natural rubber

PVC Klebband bedruckt

Nevertheless, we also offer some models of adhesive tapes without a pattern. PP adhesive tapes with an acrylic adhesive are the most commonly used adhesive tapes.  They have moderate costs, durability, high adhesive strength and versatile processing possibilities:

  • Material: PP 

  • Color: transparent, white or brown 

  • Film thickness: 28µ 

  • Adhesive: acrylate 

  • Size: 50mm x 66lfm   

  • Carton of 36 pieces

Klebeband unbedruckt

The right shipping packaging for every need

Having personalized adhesive tape is good. But why stop there? 

On our shipping packaging page you will find a selection of products that you can also use to send other formats:

In any case, our experts are on hand to answer all your questions. We ship throughout Europe and speak several languages!

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