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The right shipping packaging for every need

The mail order business is booming and customers are expecting the use of suitable shipping packages which protect the ordered products from damage during transportation. Here you will receive various packaging solutions that meet all demands and requirements and thus ensure the satisfaction of your customers.


Quality and types of the shipping packaging

Since every dispatched item has different requirements, the choice of the materials and types of our high-quality mailing packages is diverse. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between kraft paper, solid board, coex foil or shock-absorbing corrugated cardboard for your envelopes, cardboard boxes or shipping bags. Of course, our packaging solutions also include the offer of self-adhesive delivery bags, in which you can easily store your shipping documents.

This ensures that you always have the right shipping packaging at your disposal, which will help you transport your products safely and undamaged.


Shipping packaging and their advantages

We not only supply you with secure packaging solutions, but also offer the individual printing and / or labeling of your shipping packaging. This saves you time in the picking process and strengthens the advertising impact of your mailpieces.

Other advantages of our shipping packaging include:

- Wide selection of shipping boxes and shipping bags
- Adaptable and stable packaging solutions with various closures
- Easy and quick handling during shipment
- Reusable return packages to conserve resources

Our well-stocked online shop holds numerous mail-order packages in various formats and designs. Any special wishes on your part are also in the best hands with us.
Let us know your request and use our extensive packaging solutions for your successful shipment!

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