Tapes with own print

Packing Tape with Promotional, Customizable Overprint

Our range of high quality adhesive tape is not only diverse, it is also individually unique. We provide overprint on the entire tape or inner cylinder with your personal motif or logo. Printing is carried out in high quality, giving every package you send out a personal touch. You can even print out warnings or other special information which you can then easily attach to your packages.

With us you will specifically find:

- Kraft paper tape in white or brown (50mm width, 50yds.)

- PVC tape in white, brown or transparent (50mm width, 66yds.)

- PP tape in brown, white or transparent (50mm width, 66yds.)

- All tapes are available in both loud and silent use versions.

BFT Verpackungen GmbH is your Specialist for Packing Tape Overprint

In our well-stocked online store you can quickly choose the perfect packing tape at any time. For your desired overprint requests you will find us readily available. We look forward to your contact!

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