Ultra-efficient packaging thanks to tubular films

You have already seen it as plastic packaging for many products. However, it is quite possible that you do not know that it is a tubular film. Tubular films are a real alternative to conventional bags and make it possible to produce packaging of any length. What are their main advantages and how can you use them effectively for your products?

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What are tubular films?

Tubular films usually refer to plastic films that are manufactured in tubular form. These films are commonly used in the packaging industry for various products.

Advantages of tubular films


Tubular films are versatile in terms of size and shape. They can be used to produce bags, sleeves or envelopes for a wide range of products.

Cost-efficient production

The manufacturing process for tubular film can be efficient and cost-effective, especially when producing large quantities.

Lower material waste

Tubular films can be produced with minimal material waste compared to other packaging methods, which contributes to sustainability goals.

Seamless design

The tubular shape allows for a seamless construction without additional seams or joints, resulting in a smoother and potentially more stable packaging solution.

Individual customization

Tubular films can be customized with various features such as printing, colors and additives to meet specific product and brand requirements.

Tubular Films

Effective use for products

If you want to protect long items such as posters, calendars or cables, tubular film is ideal. The highly flexible material wraps these items securely and precisely.

Foodstuff packaging

Tubular films are often used for food packaging. They can be cut to provide barrier properties to protect against moisture, oxygen and other contaminants.

Industrial products

Tubular films can be used for the packaging of industrial and manufacturing products. The seamless construction can increase strength and durability.

How do you cut and seal tubular film correctly?

For a perfect result, a welding machine is the fastest and most cost-effective solution. The weld seam forms a reliable barrier against moisture and dirt and is therefore the ideal solution, especially for sensitive goods.

Which packaging machine is suitable?

We recommend an impulse welder with a cut-off device. Please contact us to find out more about our packaging machines.

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Which tubular films can you find at BFT Verpackungen?

In our range you will find tubular film in various widths and thicknesses. Depending on the weight and shape of the packaged products, the material thickness is a decisive criterion. Small, pointed parts such as screws require a particularly strong film - for heavier objects, you also need to consider the thickness of the film.

Material: LDPE Schlauchfolie  

Color: transparent  

Width: 100 - 600 mm  

Length: 2000 - 3200 running meters

Film thickness: 25µ 

Material: LDPE  

Color: transparent  

Größe: 50mm - 700mm  

Length: 250 - 500 running meters

Film thickness: 50µ 

Material: LDPE  

Color: transparent  

Width: 50mm - 700mm  

Film thickness: 100µ  

Length: 250 running meters

Tubular film 100my - BFT Verpackungen

Material: LDPE  

Color: transparent  

Width: 200mm – 650mm 

Length: 200-600 running meters

Film thickness: 150µ  

Material: LDPE  

Color: transparent 

Width: 350mm – 600mm 

Length: 250-400 running meters

Film thickness: 200µ  

LDPE tubular film 200my - BFT Verpackungen

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