Coffee packaging - which one to choose for his coffee?

After water and tea, coffee is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. There are probably as many coffee flavors worldwide as there are specific tastes per consumer. And nowadays there are numerous players in this market. Not only the giants of the coffee industry, but also many (smaller) producers, roasters and traders of these delicious beans. In this article we would like to inform you about what coffee pouches are currently available in the industry.

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What types of coffee bags are on the market? 

We could tell you about jute bags or bags for wholesale, but we want to focus here on airtight bags. Here are the main types of packaging: 

Gusseted bags: gusseted bags have a gusset that expands when filled so they can hold more coffee.  

Stand-up pouches: stand-up pouches are a popular option for packaging coffee. They have a bottom gusset that allows the bag to stand on its own, making them an attractive option for store shelves. 

Flat-bottom bags: flat-bottom bags are a simple and affordable packaging solution for coffee. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be branded with your brand.

How do you choose the right coffee packaging? 

This will depend on various individual criteria such as: 

"Vintage" packaging with kraft paper 

From the natural texture of kraft paper comes that rustic vintage feel that many people like so much! The patterns and fonts here can remain simple and elegant to lose none of that natural look. 

Doypack - Stand up pouch with valve - Kraft paper brown

Environmentally friendly packaging  

Did you know that some coffee bags are recyclable or even compostable? Consisting of a single material (PE/HB-PE 100% recyclable or kraft paper/PLA), some doypacks are in line with the ecological trend. We have dealt with this topic in detail in our article: Sustainable packaging - it does exist! 

Coffee bags with valve 

Some coffee packs are equipped with a ventilation system. We are talking about a small valve that allows carbon dioxide to escape from the bag without allowing oxygen to enter. This helps to keep the coffee fresh by preventing the accumulation of carbon dioxide. 

But it also serves to moisten the particular smell of the coffee before you buy it - and this may also be a good way to sell your product.

How can you create a brand image with your coffee packaging? 

Your coffee packaging is the ambassador of your brand, as it conveys the values of your company. Good marketing guarantees the quality of your product on its way to your customers. To promote your brand, you could venture a bold design that highlights the most interesting aspects of your business. Why not mention the place where the beans were harvested, the different flavors of your coffee or the ecological efforts of your brand. If you create an emotional connection between your product and your customers, they will be more willing to buy your coffee in the future. 

In short: communicate through the design of your packaging everything that could set you apart from the competition and keep your customers loyal.

How do you properly bag your freshly roasted coffee? 

Degassing or "resting" the coffee after roasting is necessary to get the best flavor out of the coffee. The chemical reaction that browns the coffee produces quite a bit of carbon dioxide, most of which remains trapped in the freshly roasted beans. Most of this gas leaves the roasted coffee within the first 3-6 days after roasting. The gas can build up in a container, which is why commercial roasters fit their coffee bags with a valve.  

When your coffee beans are ready, you need to package them. To do this, you can use a packaging machine like an impulse sealer. You can find these and many other machines on our website.

Impulse welder - weld length 200mm with cutter

Work with BFT Verpackungen for your coffee packaging

Flat bags, doypacks, coffee bags with or without valve, made of kraft paper, recyclable or compostable, etc... We surely have the right coffee bag for you!  

We only supply to tradesmen, authorities & public institutions. Our prices are based on the desired quantity and, of course, if you wish, we can print your motifs on the bags. For an individual offer, please feel free to contact us.

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