Coffee pouches

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Coffee pouches for aromatic delight

Coffee are demanding foods that require adequate packaging to remain genuinely enjoyable. For reliable packaging solutions, you will receive coffee bags that are easy to fill and maintain the product quality.

Quality and types of coffee  bags

The high quality of the materials used in our coffee bags protect your products without affecting them in taste. You have foil bags, kraft paper bags or a coating of aluminum to choose from. Also our range of types is varied and holds, for example, stand-up pouches and cross bottom bags as a stable coffee pack or cocoa pack for you.
Give your packaging more individuality with a printing or labeling, which we gladly make to your wishes.
In this way you increase the sales strength of your products and conduct brand care with appealing coffee bags, which increase the recognition value by your customers.

Advantages of coffee packs

A decisive feature of our coffee packs is the coveted aroma protection, which can only be guaranteed by quality packaging. With this argument, you convince your customers that the same product quality is ensured. Other advantages of our coffee packs include:

- Quick and easy filling, by stable stand
- Sustainable sales presentation with your desired design
- Transparent or opaque bags, with or without viewing windows
- Flavor- and odorless materials for perfect packaging

Our extensive online shop provides you with coffee packs that will fit your needs. We will be happy to help you.
Simply contact us with your wishes for suitable packaging solutions!

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