Sustainable packaging - it does exist!

Seit vielen Jahren bemühen sich Verbraucher und Hersteller darum, weniger Verpackungen zu verwenden oder diese zumindest so oft wie möglich wiederzuverwenden. 

For some foods or other products, it is not always possible to do without packaging. However, there are sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions on the market.  

Since it is not always easy to know how to recycle packaging properly, we want to give an overview here.

Sustainable packaging - BFT Verpackungen

Reusable packaging

The reuse of packaging is more popular today than ever before. This partly explains the current policy measures, such as the reusable deposit system for the catering industry. Even though it is not (yet) possible to completely eliminate packaging, we can highlight this policy and the efforts that follow.

But above all recyclable

Surely you know this dilemma. You want to recycle the packaging of a product and you do not know if it is made of a single material, if it belongs in the yellow or blue garbage can, ... And it is true that this headache has driven many a person crazy! However, there are some packages that are 100% recyclable. They are made of a single material (e.g. PE/HB-PE in the case of our 100% recyclable Doypacks) and can be thrown in the yellow garbage can as soon as they are free of food residues.

And when possible compostable

Because they contain no petroleum-based plastics and are made from renewable resources, this compostable packaging has a smaller carbon footprint.

But definitely sustainable

Consumers are willing to use more sustainable packaging. Whether you produce a food product or any other product, we can find a solution to your problem.

Can you make packaging and be in favor of the environment at the same time?

When you say you make packaging and care about the environment, it sounds like a joke, doesn't it? The world is not perfect, but that doesn't stop us from trying to make it better in our own way. Here are some aspects our company is committed to:

1. 100% recyclable packaging

We offer you a range of Doypacks stand-up pouches that are 100% recyclable. It is made of mono material PE/HB-PE and is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packaging as it is fully recyclable. This model is particularly durable and is ideal for light-sensitive products, food, confectionery, pet food, hygiene products, etc. The packaging has a low transport weight and requires very little storage space. 

Doypacks - Stand-up pouch brown paper look 100% recyclable

Looking for another perfectly recyclable packaging? Here are two of our top products:

2. Compostable bags

Some doypacks in our catalog are also industrially compostable. Industrial compostable packaging means that the packaging can only be decomposed in an industrial composting plant. This is because the product needs high temperatures between 55 and 60 degrees to decompose. Therefore, you must throw this packaging in the organic garbage can and not in your backyard compost pile. Want to learn more about this type of packaging? Get excited about our industrially compostable doypack.

Doypack - Stand up pouch - Kraft paper - Industrially compostable

3. Climate neutral company

Since 2023, BFT Packaging has been offsetting the company's CO2 emissions by investing in the natural forest reforestation Project TOGO

There are 53 tons of CO2 offset by this project throughout the year and contribute to make our company a climate neutral company

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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