Packaging with viewing window for optimum product presentation

To present your products in the best light, you should consider packaging with a viewing window. The robustness and stability of the pouch is combined with the elegance of the window, allowing for the perfect presentation of your product. Your customer stands face to face with it and has no choice but to be convinced :)

What is packaging with a viewing window?

It is a type of packaging with a transparent window through which the contents can be seen without having to open the packaging. The viewing window allows customers to take a look at the product and get an idea of its appearance, color or quality before they buy it. It is a practical and smart way to create transparency and trust between consumers and manufacturers.

Verpackungen mit Sichtfenster - BFT Verpackungen

Why is packaging with a viewing window beneficial for food?

Packaging with a viewing window is advantageous for food for several reasons. Firstly, they allow customers to check the condition and quality of the food before they buy it. Through the viewing window, they can see if the product looks fresh, if there is any damage or contamination and if it meets their expectations. This creates trust and customer satisfaction. 
Secondly, packaging with a viewing window can help to increase the appeal of the food. By giving customers a visual impression of the product, they can show its color, texture and presentation. This can help to pique customers' interest and motivate them to buy. 
In addition, packaging with viewing windows can also facilitate the storage and handling of food. Customers can easily see what type of food is inside the packaging without having to open it. This can save time and improve efficiency. 
Overall, packaging with a viewing window offers a practical way to communicate customer information, present the product and increase consumer confidence.

Which packaging with a viewing window can you find at BFT Verpackungen?

Our range currently consists of the following products:

  1. Doypack stand-up pouch with viewing window

Doypack stand-up pouches with a viewing window are ideal for all non-light-sensitive products, such as various foods, cosmetics or pet food. It is completely irrelevant whether the consistencies are granular, solid, powdery or pasty. Even coffee, tea, spices or dry food are in good hands in Doypacks. Doypacks are one of our bestsellers, which is why we offer them in different materials and colors:


  • Volume: 250-750ml  
  • With tear notch for first opening  
  • Material: white Kraft/PET/CPP  
  • Color: white  
  • Thickness: 122µ 
  • Contents: 125g, 250g and 375g

Doypack Standbodenbeutel mit Sichtfenster - Kraftpapier weiß


  • Volume: 100-1000ml  
  • With tear notch for first opening  
  • Material: Kraft/PET/CPP  
  • Color: black 
  • Thickness: 132µ 
  • Contents: 50g, 125g, 250g, 375g and 1000g


  • Volume: 100-3000ml  
  • With tear notch for first opening  
  • Material: Kraft/PET/CPPKraft/ or (HighBarrier)PET/PE  
  • Color: natural brown 
  • Thickness: 122 and 110µ 
  • Contents: 50g, 125g, 375g, 1000g and 1500g


  • Volume: 100-750ml  
  • With tear notch for first opening  
  • Material: Kraft/PLA 
  • Color: natural brown 
  • Contents: 50g, 125g, 250g and 375g

About these doypacks:

Our industrially compostable Doypacks made of kraft paper with a viewing window are an environmentally friendly alternative and presentable packaging. The sustainable packaging is free from petroleum-based plastics. Made from renewable and regenerative raw materials, this packaging has a lower carbon footprint. Because the bag is industrially compostable, the original components are converted into natural and non-toxic biomass through increased pressure and temperature and can be returned to the soil as a nutrient.

Our flat-bottom bags made of kraft paper offer a high-quality alternative to our Doypack stand-up pouches. Present your goods standing, lying or hanging. Depending on your needs. With practical, semi-circular viewing window.


  • Flat-bottom kraft paper bag with window  
  • Volume: 100-1000g  
  • Contents: 100g, 250g, 500g and 1000g 
  • With tear notch for first opening  
  • Material: Kraft paper/HB-PET/CPP  
  • Color: brown kraft paper

Flachbodenbeutel - Kraftpapier mit Sichtfenster

Block bottom bags with a viewing window are ideal for protecting all non-light-sensitive foods from external influences. Very suitable for packaging sweets, spices, tea or herbs.


  • Block bottom bag "Natron-Natur" with viewing window  
  • Outside: fine ribbed kraft paper  
  • Inside: with OPP film 
  • Contents: 50g, 100g, 250g and 500g 
  • Color: natural  
  • This product is also available in black.

Bottle carrier bags are ideal for presenting your goods and can also be used as gift packaging thanks to their elegant appearance. This environmentally friendly packaging is extremely sturdy and is indispensable in any wine shop.


  • Bottle carrier bag open wave with viewing window  
  • Material: Kraft paper with corrugated cardboard 
  • Handle: cotton cord, short - knotted 4x 
  • Color: green, natural, red, blue, black, red bordeaux, cream, lime

Flaschen Tragetasche, offene Welle mit Fenster

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Would you also like to know how to choose the perfect packaging for your product? Read our article "Buying packaging - Our short 1x1 to find the right packaging for your company!" on this topic.

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