Kraft paper - a versatile material for your packaging

Everyone knows kraft paper, at least by name! But do you know what it is made of and how you can use it for your company? Today we would like to give you an insight into the production of kraft paper and its advantages for your products.

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How is it produced?

First, the wood fibers are bleached and treated to produce a pulp. This is then pressed and dried before being wound into rolls to produce kraft paper sheets. These sheets can then be cut and folded by machines to make bags and other packaging, for example. 

Do you know who invented this material? It was the German painter Carl Ferdinand Dahl, who applied for a patent for a process to produce sulphate pulp in Gdansk in 1884. This was later used to produce kraft paper.

What are its strengths?

It is very robust and hard-wearing, which means that it can withstand heavy loads. It is also tear-resistant and has a high tensile strength. It is also well suited for packaging as it provides a good barrier against moisture and grease. 

Kraft paper is also very environmentally friendly as it is made from recycled materials and is biodegradable. This is a good choice if you are looking for sustainable packaging for your products.

In which packaging solutions can you find kraft paper?

It comes in various forms, including: 

  • Kraft paper rolls: These are available in various widths and lengths and are good for packaging purposes or protecting surfaces. 

  • Kraft paper bags: Ideal for retail or as gift bags. 

  • Kraft paper sheets: Suitable for craft projects, gift wrapping or printing labels. 

  • Kraft paper envelopes: Good for mailing documents or as an alternative packaging solution. 

  • Kraft paper boxes: These are sturdy packaging solutions for shipping goods or as storage containers. 

At BFT Verpackungen, we offer many products that are made entirely or partially from kraft paper.

Here are some of our top products:

Doypack kraft paper is an advanced and highly presentable packaging. This design is particularly sustainable and is ideal for light-sensitive products, food, confectionery, pet food, hygiene articles, etc. The packaging has a low transport weight and requires very little storage space.

Block bottom bags are ideal for protecting light-sensitive foods. Very suitable for packaging sweets, spices, tea or herbs.

Our coffee bags as flat-bottom bags with decorative kraft paper are available in various designs. The brown kraft paper has a very natural look and the Japanese paper used makes the bag stand out both visually and to the touch and conveys a sense of value.

Whether for weekly markets, fashion stores or supermarkets, with our paper carrier bags with flat handles you have an elegant and beautifully shaped carrier bag & make the right choice. Paper carrier bags are beautiful, easy to handle and compostable.

Paper adhesive tape is the ideal solution for anyone who likes it simple and environmentally friendly.  The adhesive tapes are very durable and have good adhesive strength. Ideal for sealing cardboard boxes.

Paper bags - garbage bags for daily use made of 2-3-ply paper are easy to handle, ecologically sound and compostable. A good step up from ordinary bin liners.

If you have any questions about our kraft paper packaging or require a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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 Today we would like to give you an insight into the production of kraft paper and its advantages for your products. 

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