Spice packaging - the perfect sales presentation

Winter is here, with temperatures around freezing (or almost!) in Berlin, and what could be more comforting than cooking a warm meal with good spices? There are almost as many different flavours and materials for seasoning food as there are packages for presenting and storing spices. If you are looking for practical, lightweight and inexpensive spice packaging for your products, look no further.


What properties are important for spice packaging?

Several properties are important for spice packaging. Firstly, the packaging should be airtight to preserve the flavour and freshness of the spice.

Secondly, it should be made of a material that protects the spice from moisture, light and heat to ensure a longer shelf life.

Thirdly, it is important that the packaging is practical and user-friendly, for example by being easy to open and reseal. The packaging should also be attractively designed to appeal to customers and present the spice in an attractive way.

How do you choose the right spice packaging?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right spice pack. Firstly, you should consider what you want to use the spices for. Do you want to use them for certain dishes or styles of cooking? Then it's better to look for spice packs that have been put together specifically for these purposes. 
It is also advisable to look for high-quality spice packs. You can read about the materials the bags are made of in the product data sheets or ask us. This will not only give you information about the recyclability of the product, but also about its shelf life. And your customers will appreciate this.

What are the advantages of bags compared to other containers?

Bags have several advantages compared to other containers. Firstly, they are often lighter and take up less space, which makes them easier to transport and store.  

Secondly, pouches are more flexible and can adapt to the shape of the contents, which optimises the use of shelf space.  

Thirdly, they are generally cheaper to produce than other types of container. In addition, pouches often provide a good barrier against moisture, light and oxygen, which can extend the shelf life of the contents.

Another advantage is that pouches are often resealable, which makes them easier to handle and store.

Top 4 of the best spice packs

In our opinion, spice packaging should enable: 

  • Ideal portioning thanks to a wide range of pouches
  • High quality and neutral flavour for safe storage
  • Protection of flavours thanks to a resistant container
  • Optimum design on transparent or opaque pouches

We could put together our entire range of spice and tea packets for you, but a selection of the best bags seems more appropriate. This should fulfil most of your needs.

OPP cross-bottom bags with a sealed seam - simple and inexpensive  

Cross-bottom bags made of OPP have a sealed seam on the back and are ideal for packaging confectionery, spices, tea or finely ground products thanks to their highly transparent film. 

  • Colour: highly transparent 
  • Film thickness: 30 - 40µ 
  • Material: OPP

Kreuzbodenbeutel mit Siegelnaht

Block bottom bags "Natron-Natur" - classic and 100% recyclable  

Block bottom bags are ideal for protecting light-sensitive foods. 

  • Outside: finely ribbed kraft paper 
  • Inside: Natural baking soda 
  • Colour: brown 
  • Content: 50 - 1000g 
  • Material: Kraft paper


Doypack stand-up pouch Kraft with viewing window - Reusable and aluminium-free

Doypack stand-up pouches with a pressure seal can be reused by lightly pressing or pulling the zip seal and thus protect your goods from drying out and loss of flavour.

  • Volumen: 100-3000 ml 
  • Mit Einreißkerbe für Erstöffnung 
  • Farbe: Kraftpapier 
  • Material: Kraft/PET/CPP 

Doypack Standbodenbeutel Kraft mit Sichtfenster

Quadbag with flavour protection bag - freshness and elegance 

Due to the side gussets, these bags have an increased filling volume compared to Doypack stand-up pouches. Thanks to the wide range of colours, you too can find the bag that suits your concept.

  • Material: MattOPP19/ALU7/PE110
  • Farbe: Schwarz, Gold, Silber, Rot, Weiß 
  • Stärke: 136 µ 

Quadbag Aromaschutzbeutel

Think you're missing a little colour to make your spices stand out? We also have a printing service that offers rotogravure and digital printing. Take a look at our services here and don't wait any longer to get in touch with our team of experts.

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