Packing craft supplies well

Creative hobbies and handicrafts are activities that are enjoyed by everyone throughout their lives. This hobby often requires the use of very small accessories and supplies. As a craft store, you want to offer your items in small, practical, sturdy and inexpensive bags. In this article, we would like to give you an overview of the various packaging options for these small parts.

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What kinds of accessories and materials?

Craft supplies are materials and tools that are used for crafting and designing handmade projects. These include materials such as paper, pens, paints, glue, scissors, beads, ribbons, fabrics and much more. Craft supplies can be used for a variety of craft projects, including scrapbooking, card making, sewing, painting and other creative activities. There are many different accessories for creative hobbies.

Here are some of these small items:

- Acrylic and polystyrene molds 

- Fine raffia & leather strap 

- Craft yarn 

- Tinsel, glitter and sequins 

- beads 

- Rings 

- Pompoms 

- sticks 

- Felt

Which packaging for which item?

You can do without packaging for some items. However, for others, especially very small items that could get lost in your parcel, it is better to seal them in a suitable bag.

We recommend two types of packaging for this purpose:

1. If your items are small, a transparent zip bag is well suited. It is easy to reseal and allows you to see the products clearly (and count them if there are only a few). 

2 However, if the items are larger, a tubular film is a good alternative. This can be cut to size and adapts perfectly to the size of the items.

Our selection of small parts packaging

Here are the packaging solutions that you can currently find on our site:

Ziplock bag 

It has been an everyday item for many years. It comes in many variations, but always with the same basic principle: the opening in the form of a zipper that seals the contents airtight.

  • LDPE ziplock bags

Color: transparent  

Print: LDPE logo in the flag  

Sizes: 35 x 55mm to 500 x 600mm  

Film thickness: 50µ  

Price per PU 1,000 pieces

  • LDPE pressure seal bags with stamp field 

Color: transparent  

Size: 40 x 60mm to 300 x 400mm 

Film thickness: 50µ or 90µ 

Price per PU 1.000 pieces

LDPE Druckverschlussbeutel mit Stempelfeld

  • PP ziplock bag 50my with round hole 6 mm 

Color: transparent  

Sizes: 70x100mm to 160x220mm  

Film thickness: 50µ  

Price per PU 1.000 pieces

  • LDPE ziplock bags with Eurohole (hanging hole)

Color: transparent  

Size: 120 x 170mm  

Film thickness: 50µ

Price per PU 1,000 pieces

LDPE Druckverschlussbeutel mit Euroloch (Aufhängeloch)

Would you like to find out more about this packaging? Read our article "Zip bags: the reference plastic bag".

Tubular film

They are a real alternative to conventional bags and make it possible to produce packaging of any length. Tubular films usually refer to plastic films that are produced in tubular form. These films are commonly used in the packaging industry for various products.

  • LDPE Tubular film 25my 

Color: transparent  

Width: 100-600mm  

Running meter: 2000-3200 running meters  

Film thickness: 25µ  

Price per PU 1 roll

Schlauchfolie bei BFT Verpackungen

Would you like to find out more about this packaging? Read our article "Ultra-efficient packaging thanks to tubular films".

Do you have a question before ordering packaging on our website? Our team of experts will be happy to help you.

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