Well-strapped packaging with a strapping machine

Sometimes the packaging itself also needs to be packaged. And this is exactly what a strapping machine can do. What types of packaging and cardboard boxes is it used for? Are there alternatives? Let's take a closer look in this article.

Umreifungsmaschinen - BFT Verpackungen

What is a strapping machine? 

A strapping machine is a special machine that is used to secure products or goods with strapping bands. The strapping is placed around the items to be packaged and then tightened and sealed using the machine. This stabilizes the load and protects it from damage during transport.  

Strapping machines are used in various industries, such as mail order, logistics, the food industry and many others, where it is important to ensure the safety and integrity of the packaged products.

For which packaging or materials should a strapping machine be used? 

It can be used for various packaging and materials. These include, among others:

  • Cartons and crates: Strapping machines can be used to secure cartons and crates and ensure stability during transportation. 
  • Pallets: Strapping machines are often used to strap pallet loads and hold the individual cartons or products together on the pallet. 
  • Bundled goods: If several products need to be combined into a bundle, this packaging machine can be used. 
  • Wood and metal products: Strapping machines can also be used to secure wood and metal products to prevent damage during transportation. 
  • Building materials: Large and heavy building materials such as pipes, profiles or panels can be strapped securely with a strapping machine to ensure their stability. 

 There are different types of strapping machines that can be used depending on the specific requirements and materials.

What other packaging machines are there?

There are actually a variety of packaging machines that are used in different industries. Some examples are:

  • Sealing machines: These machines are used to close packaging, whether by applying lids, caps or seals. They are often used for food packaging or in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Labeling machines: These machines are used to apply labels to packaging. They can apply pre-printed labels as well as print and apply labels directly on site.
  • Shrinking machines: These machines use heat to shrink packaging and place it tightly around the product. This ensures safe and attractive packaging. An example of shrinking machines is a vacuum machine to vacuum pack the products in their bags.
  • Cartoning machines: These machines are used to pack products into cartons. They can fold and fill flat cartons as well as fill and seal cartons that have already been folded.

These are just a few examples of packaging machines, but there are many more specialized machines that can be used depending on the requirements of the respective industry.

Cyklop Umreifungsmachine - BFT Verpackungen

Strapping machines at BFT Verpackungen

In addition to all our packaging machine models, you will currently also find two strapping machine models. They are manufactured by Cyklop GmbH.

Who is this manufacturer? 

Founded in 1912 in Cologne, Germany, Cyklop GmbH is a global manufacturer and supplier of packaging systems and consumables. 

With our products and know-how, we offer our customers the best solutions for securing loads during transportation.

Cyklop strapping machines on our website

  1. Semi-automatic strapping machine CI70 from Cyklop

The CI70 also offers warehouse operators with very high parcel volumes the convenience they need. Thanks to the roller system, the machine is flexible and can therefore be operated at any location. Thanks to the fast heat-up time, the machine is ready for operation 30-45 seconds after being switched on. As not all outer packaging is the same, the clamping force can be easily adjusted from the outside.

  • Package dimensions: min. width 130mm, height 20mm

  • Coil dimensions: 200 x 420 x 190mm (inside/outside/width)

  • Strapping material: PP 9-12mm

  1. Semi-automatic strapping machine M-PAC V from Cyklop

The M-Pack V also offers convenient strapping for warehouse operators with limited space. The M-Pack V is flexible thanks to the roller system, so the machine can be operated in any location. Thanks to the fast heat-up time, the machine is ready for operation within 30-45 seconds of being switched on. As not all outer packaging is the same, the tensioning force can be easily adjusted from the outside.

  • Tape type PP tape: 5, 6, 9, 12, 15.5 mm  

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 780 x (775-925) x 543 mm  

  • Package (W x H): Min. 100 x 30 mm  

  • Package weight: Max. 40 kg 

Would you like to see how this type of strapping machine works? Then we invite you to watch this demonstration of the Cyklop M PAC V. And of course we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the machines or the best packaging for your product.

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