Packaging for patisseries and bakeries

What could be better than enjoying a warm croissant or handmade sweets? These products and their creators are rightly celebrated, as they not only indulge our taste buds but are also an art in themselves. Today we're going to talk about confectionery packaging to showcase your handmade products: Packaging for patisseries and bakeries.

Packaging for patisseries and bakeries

Confectionery packaging and bakery bags for on-demand enjoyment

Our top priority for confectionery packaging and baking bags is to use high-quality materials that are tasteless, odorless and food-safe.  

The sale of delicious baked goods in a bakery or bakehouse requires practical bakery packaging so that your customers can transport and enjoy their goods safely. With our diverse range, we offer delicious and easy-to-use packaging solutions that prove their worth every day. 

In this way, customers can receive hygienic confectionery packaging that improves the external appearance and increases the enjoyment and appetite for the product.

Why should you think about your confectionery packaging?

Foodstuffs have high requirements for storage or sale, which requires the use of hygienic food packaging. In our range you will find packaging for confectionery and bakery that meets the hygiene regulations and your requirements. 

Your strengths for your product are as follows:

  • Can be stored flat and filled quickly thanks to their low weight 

  • Transparent or opaque bags 

  • Safe and hygienic packaging for transportation  
  • Desired Design for optimum presence in the commercial sector

Which confectionery packaging is available from BFT Verpackungen?

We currently offer three packaging sizes for patisseries and bakeries. Choose between environmentally friendly and recyclable foil bags or bags made of soda kraft paper. 

You can find the following selection directly on our "Confectionery packaging" page.

  1. Block bottom bag

The packaging has a flat base in the shape of a hexagon so that it can stand upright. They can be closed by sealing at the top. Block bottom bags enable airtight packaging, perfect presentation and are available in these materials:

  • Kraft paper   

  • A mix of Kraft/OPP 

  • OPP (orientiertes Polypropylen)  

  • A 4-ply mix OPP/Kraft30/OPP (oriented polypropylene)  PET/CPPP

Block bottom bag

  1. Cross bottom bag

The seams of the cross-bottom bag are sealed, not glued. This has the advantage that product residue does not get caught in the overlapping layers. The customer or user can empty the film packaging completely if required. 

On our website you will find highly transparent OPP cross-bottom bags or bags with a star motif.

Cross bottom bag

  1. Chip cone

This type of packaging is associated with bags for French fries or hot chestnuts. With their classic appearance, the cones have survived the decades and are still associated with gourmet dishes by consumers. 

You can find them in 3 variants on our website:

  • Chip cones highly transparent in PP 

  • Chip cone with "Snack" motif made of parchment substitute paper

  • White cone made of parchment paper

Chip cone

Do you have other foods or are you not yet sure which packaging size is suitable for them? We answer all your questions in our article "Which packaging to choose for food?" and of course by e-mail at any time.

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