PVC Bags

PVC Ziplock bag - samples
PVC Ziplock bag - samples

Individuelle Kosmetikbeutel in Ihrem Design In einem...

PVC Zip Bag and Flight Bags Pattern
PVC Zip Bag and Flight Bags Pattern

Practical flight bags with your advertising message Flight...

PVC bags and customized cosmetic bags

Due to their flexible texture, PVC bags offer endless possibilities when it comes to the packaging and transport of different types of goods. Since PVC bags can be manufactured in almost any shape, the practical applications are virtually unlimited. Characteristics and Uses of PVC Bags PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a highly stable plastic which is characterized, among other things, by its dimensional stability and resistance to tearing. Whether being used for cosmetic bags, tote bags, slidelock bags or others, PVC pays off in a sustainable, durable way. Even the popular zip bags in both nylon and metal zippers versions are manufactured from this versatile material.

PVC pouches with coloured plastic or metal snap buttons are also available, with every colour on the palette at your disposal. The transparency of the PVC bags is another plus, making the display of high quality products such as cosmetics, magazines or sports goods all the more attractive. The bags can be individually custom printed for expressive, meaningful advertising or logos. Even photo printing is no problem at all. In our assortment you will find the right PVC packaging for every occasion, both for the safe storage of your goods and the perfect sales display scene. PVC Bags and Their Advantages PVC bags outstanding qualities make them a multifunctional packaging solution. With limitless malleability, these sturdy bags can be used in all conceivable areas and industries.

Other advantages are:

- Light weight for easy handling

- Protection of goods against dirt and moisture

- Strong sales packaging with custom printing

- Suitable for safe transportation and storage of goods

In our online Shop we have an extensive range of PVC bags for you. Of course we are readily available to take your individual request.

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