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The garbage bag is an indispensable everyday item that is hard to do without. But what do you actually know about this ubiquitous accessory? In this article, you will learn more about the history of the bin liner, its uses and what makes it an indispensable and universal item.

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A brief history of the waste garbage can

Until the 19th century, waste was either collected and recycled in other forms. Or, if it was organic, at best it was removed from the cities and transported to the fields. From this time onwards, sewers were built and streets were equipped with gutters. 

However, general hygiene was still at a low level and it was not until 1884 that Eugène Poubelle in Paris ordered that waste should be brought to residents' front doors in special containers with lids (1). These would then be collected by the municipal services. Mr. Poubelle gave the invention its name, which means garbage can in French. 

It was not until 1950 that the polyethylene bin liner was invented in Canada by Harry Wasylyk and Larry Hansen (2). Originally, the two inventors were not thinking of using them in households, but in businesses. However, Hansen's employer, the Union Carbide Company, bought the idea from them and launched the first green bin liners onto the market at the end of the 1960s under the name "Glad garbage bags".  

Since then, the garbage bag has undergone many color and material changes until it finally arrived in households all over the world.

What types of garbage bags are used?

There are different types of garbage bags designed for different purposes and needs. Here are some common types of bin liners: 

  • Regular trash bags: these are most commonly used for general household waste. They are available in different sizes and can be used for kitchen waste, packaging materials and other non-recyclable waste. 
  • Organic waste bags: These bags are specifically designed for the disposal of organic waste such as fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds and food waste. They are often biodegradable and can be disposed of together with the organic waste. 
  • Recycling bags: These bags are used to collect recyclable materials such as paper, plastic or glass. They facilitate the sorting of waste and the recycling process. 
  • Bin liners with a drawstring: These bags often have an additional function, namely a drawstring that makes it easier to close and carry the bag. They are particularly practical for heavy waste or if the bag has to be carried over a long distance. 
  • Special waste bags: For hazardous waste such as medical waste, chemicals or other special waste, there are special bags that meet the requirements for the safe transportation and disposal of these materials.

Which garbage bags should you choose for your company?

Selecting the appropriate trash bags for a business depends on several factors, including the type of waste, the amount of waste produced, environmental considerations and local regulations. Here are some considerations that can help when choosing bin liners for your business:

  • Type of waste

  1. General waste: Normal bin liners are good for general household waste, packaging materials and non-recyclable waste.

  2. Organic waste: Use biodegradable bin liners for the disposal of organic waste. This can be particularly important if your company produces large amounts of food waste. 

  • Recycling requirements

If your company is committed to recycling waste, you should use bin liners that are specifically designed for recyclable materials. Transparent bags can also make it easier to identify recyclable materials.

  • Size and capacity

Choose bin liners in sizes that meet your company's requirements. Take into account the size of the waste containers and the amount of waste generated.

  • Hazardous waste

If your company generates special waste, such as medical waste or hazardous materials, you should use special waste bags that comply with the regulations.

  • Environmental issues

Consider the environmental impact of trash bags. Biodegradable or eco-friendly options may be a more sustainable choice, especially if environmental protection is important to your business.

  • Security requirements

Some industries have special requirements for the disposal of waste. Make sure that the selected waste bags comply with local regulations and safety standards.

  • Practical functions

Bin liners with drawstrings, reinforced seams or other practical features can make handling waste easier, especially when disposing of heavy or bulky waste.

This information is for guidance only and must be adapted to your company, your location and, of course, the waste produced.

Which garbage bags are available from BFT Verpackungen?

The material of our bin liners is made of kraft paper or polyethylene, LDPE (low dens

LDPE Garbage Bags

Our bin liners are characterized by everyday properties that make it much easier to store and dispose of waste. We have an almost limitless selection of bin liners for you to choose from, which you can use at home or in your company.

  • Bin liner 120l 

  • Material: LDPE 

  • On a roll of 25 pieces  

  • Size: 700 x 1100mm 

  • Color: Blue or yellow 

  • Thickness: type 60, type 80, type 100 

  • 250 pieces per box 

  • Price per 250 pieces (10 rolls of 25 pieces)

  • Item weight: 22,25 kg 

Garbage Bag LPDE - BFT Verpackungen

Kraft paper garbage bags

Paper bags - garbage bags for daily use made of 2-3-ply paper are easy to handle, ecologically sound and compostable. A good step up from ordinary bin liners.

  • Waste bags - Paper bags 

  • Material: Kraft paper 

  • Color: brown 

  • Print: unprinted 

  • Price per PU 1,000 pieces

Garbage Bag Kraft paper - BFT Verpackungen

Thanks to the individual printing on the waste bags, which we are also happy to produce for you, you have the opportunity to clearly communicate your waste classification. This prevents clutter in your household or business and waste can be collected and disposed of properly. This is the best way to organize your waste problem in any industry.  

All the bin liners listed are immediately available from our warehouse and will be delivered to you within a short delivery time. However, we can also create customized products for you quickly and according to your requirements. Feel free to contact us with your concerns or questions!


(1): L’histoire des déchets. (s. d.-b). Site de Tom. 

(2): Wikipedia authors. (2010, 11 februar). Harry Wasylyk. 

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