Flap Bag - Textile Bag - Transparent

Find custom flap bags with versatile packaging solutions at Folientaschen.de

With our Flap Bags you get a versatile packing solution which is extremely quick and easy to handle, thus saving you valuable time. These bags have an adhesive flap closure which we offer in two variants.

Characteristics and Uses of Flap Bags

In keeping with practical variety we have 2 different closure techniques for you. In both cases the film flap is closed with an adhesive strip. The standard version of the bag has a reversible closure for multiple opening and closing. As a result you have a resealable bag. The alternative version has a permanent adhesive strip which ensures long-term closure.

As for the material, you have the choice between LDPE (low density polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), CPP (cast polypropylene), BOPP (oriented polypropylene) or COEX.

All standard flap bags are transparent and unprinted, with an angled or a straight flap, and with multilingual warning stamps for storage in large logistics centers. Therefore they are very useful as mailers or return mailers. But as brochure pockets, textile shippers and packers, flap bags are the perfect solution. It makes for a great protective package for all kinds of garments, bed linen, tablecloths, catalogs, posters and brochures.

For cutomization we offer flexo printing in up to 12 colours! Foil colouring is available from 200kg base material on up. Other versions include perforations for optimal air packing, tear-off perforations and others to fulfill your every need.

Flap Bags and Their Advantages

The adhesive strip on the flap bag remains strong even after every individual filling, packing your goods securely for transport. Other benefits include:

-Quick and easy time saving packing process

-Protection from dirt and moisture

-Low postage costs, ideal for shipping

-Customer friendly and practical Retour Pocket

In our online Store you'll find a flap bag for every need. Special design and customization is also our specialty.
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