Kraft paper with twisted cord handles (Coloured)

Colored paper carrier bags as attractive and eye-catching packaging

The colored paper carrier bags from our range are not only pretty to look at and are highly appreciated by customers. They also offer secure transportation of all kinds of goods in various formats and designs.

Quality and use of colored paper carrier bags

A paper density of80g/m² to 90g/m² makes our colored paper bags sturdy packaging, even for heavyweight products. The kraft paper of the carrier bags is tear-resistant and equipped with inner flat handles or with internally reinforced, twisted paper cords as carrying handles. The environmentally friendly and biodegradable material is also available with smooth or finely ribbed surfaces. The side gussets and bottom gussets, which can be easily unfolded, provide plenty of storage space.

A wide range of colors and sizes of paper bags meet every need and requirement - whether for gifts, textiles or other goods. In this way, you increase your service to your customers, who enjoy using beautiful paper carrier bags in conjunction with environmental protection.

Colored paper bags and their advantages

Colored paper bags make everyday shopping more colorful and have been proven to boost customers' shopping mood. Further advantages are these:

- Lightweight and sustainable packaging that can be reused
- Representation of the company colors through colored paper bags
- High recognition value for a promoted public image
- Stable and safe transportation thanks to robust material

In our online store, you can buy environmentally friendly and colored paper carrier bags that pay off in all respects.

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