Flat-handled Paper Bags (white/brown/coloured)

Paper carrier bags with flat handles are contemporary and help the environment

Our paper carrier bags with flat handles do full justice to environmental protection and the need for timeliness. In terms of dimensions and material versions, the paper bags offer a wide selection that makes the environmentally friendly transportation of products a whole lot easier.

Quality and use of paper carrier bags with flat handles

Robust kraft paper is the material used for our paper bags with flat handles, which is naturally environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Paper densities from 80g/m² to 110g/m² are available in a choice of brown or white, with smooth or finely ribbed surfaces.

Side gussets and bottom gussets create plenty of storage space in the carrier bags and flat handles ensure convenient transportation - even of heavy goods. The sturdy paper bags are stable and the ideal transport packaging for food, drinks and other everyday items. So you can offer your customers a safe and sustainable carrier bag.

Advantages of paper bags with flat handles

Environmental protection is on everyone's lips and is positively favored by paper bags. Further advantages are these:

- Tear-resistant material of the carrier bags with flat handles, thanks to kraft paper
- Saving of resources through reusability
- Space-saving storage until the next use
- Discreet transport packaging thanks to opaque natural material

Our online store has numerous environmentally friendly and robust paper carrier bags with practical handles to suit your requirements.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any Questions!

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