Document/Delivery Note pocket bag

Delivery Note Pocket for Fast, Perfect Order Picking

Our Delivery note pocket envelopes offer high quality protection for all your shipping documents. They are self-adhesive and allow for fast and above all reliable shipping.

Characteristics and Uses of Document Pockets

The material used in our Document pockets satisfies the highest demands. They are made of LDPE film (low density polyethylene), and the reverse side is coated with a strong adhesive layer. The protective backing paper can be easily pulled off during application, further accelerating the packaging process. The adhesive works at both high and low temperatures so your shipment can always be identified thanks to the applicable shipping documents.

Our transparent document note pockets stick to every conceivable shipping package and are available in both printed and clear format. We also make custom imprints for you, further extending the self-adhesive document pocket's use.

We offer our Delivery Note pockets in DIN-length (for a twice folded sheet of A4 paper) which is delivered in a 1.000 unit box. Other formats or amounts can be made according to requirements.

Delivery Note Shipping Pockets and Their Advantages

In the hectic running of everyday shipping business there is no time for inconvenient shipping processes. The ease of use of our self-adhesive Delivery note pockets ensure a speedier order picking process. Other benefits include:

-Secure document shipping with its strong adhesive envelope

-Environmentally friendly, recyclable material

-Customization with imprinting available

-Advertising effectiveness through film transparency

In our online Shop you can get delivery note pockets for your own use at convenient pricing.
Please contact us with your custom made requirements!

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