Cross bottom bags

Cross-bottom bags for safe bulk-food filling

When using our cross-bottom bags, the rapid filling of food, sweets or other dry substances is child's play. Thanks to its folded bottom the bag can securely stand even after opening, and it is also easy to handle during a conversation with a customer.

Characteristics and uses of Cross-bottom bags

We use highly transparent OPP film (oriented polypropylene) material which makes the bags visually beautiful. The stable, tear-resistant foil bags are especially popular for food packaging, as they do not have any adverse effects upon the taste or smell of the product. Furthermore, they provide excellent protection, so the product can be safely stored for longer periods of time.

Not only can you store powder-like products. The stable base of the bag makes it suitable for all granular substances, such as coffee, tea, cookies or plaster.

You can get an individual or seasonal touch by package printing, which we customize according to your wishes.
Cross-bottom bags and their advantages
The seams at the bottom of the bag are not glued, but welded. This is so that no product crumbs can get caught in overlapping layers. The customer or user can empty the bag completely, if he so wishes.

Other advantages are:

- Generous filling of the bag, thanks to its secure footing.

- Appetizing sales display, thanks to its highly transparent packaging

- Extensive presentation options with package printing

- Sustainable foil packaging, re-usable and flavor-protective

In our online Shop you will find food-safe Cross bottom bags, available in many sizes and formats.

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