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Versatile agricultural packaging for market, farm shop and retail

Fresh food stands for enjoyment, health and quality of life. This is particularly true for agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat and cheese. An optimal packaging ensures that they are fresh, comfortable and well protected to get to your customers home and on the table.

What is optimal depends on the product. From crates and cartons, to bags and poches, nets, bands and foils, we offer you custom-made agricultural packaging in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. This makes your agricultural products attractive to the eye and at the same time ensure effective transportation.

Individual solutions for your business

Whether you want to build a sales point directly at your farm, offer your goods on a weekly market, or carry out a grocery business, you will need appropriate packaging for the internal handling of the goods, a decorative presentation and transport by your customers.

We offer you a wide range of agricultural packages for every purpose, which we design and manufacture according to your specifications. Solve the packaging problem once and for all and use the opportunity to advertise your company with a customized logo print.

In our wide offer you will find among other things:

- Fruit baskets and bags of any shape and size for flexible use
- Sacks and trays of paper, jute or cotton
- Vegetable crates and agricultural stretch films for safe transport
- Salad and vacuum bags for lasting freshness
- gift and picnic baskets for a special natural feeling

and much more.

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From fruits and vegetables, to grapes and wine to eggs, meat and fish, high-quality agricultural products place different demands on practical and attractive packaging. Let us advise you personally about the possibilities and let us know your design wishes. We will find a solution.

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